Samson Stilwell works with sound and language to create art within a lyric tradition. His work often lives within the borders, or between spaces, of language and sound, music and noise, thought space and meat space. His first album, “Signals”, was released in 2017 on vinyl and digital formats by the label Sounds et al. He has performed throughout the US and Canada for series such as Volume (LA), Land and Sea (OAK), Quiet City (BC), and TBA (PDX). In 2016 he co-founded “Soundspace” a radio-based installation series focused on turning the radio into a space for new modes of listening.

Samson Stilwell received a BA with an emphasis in “The Contemporary Lyric: Poetry, Sound, Visual Media” from The Johnston Center for Integrative Studies in 2015. He was awarded The Jean Burden Prize in Poetry from The American Academy of Poets and his writing has been published by national journals such as The Chicago Quarterly Review, and He is based in NYC.